The Recommended Livestock to Start With In Your Farm Ranch

A lot of people are beginning to see the advantages of owning a livestock farm. They are moving from urban areas to the country side to start their own farm. Livestock farming is very rewarding because you can provide food for your family and make some money as well from the livestock products.But when starting out as a livestock farmer there is a lot to learn about raising livestock. Some livestock require more care and management then others. Two types of livestock that require less care and are beginner friendly are chickens and goats. Below we are going to cover in more detail how you can go about raising these animals.Goats:Before you buy your goats you should ask yourself what kind of goats do I want to raise. There are meat goats, milk goats and pet goats. For milk production its best to choose Alpine and Saanen goats. For meat look no further then the South African Boer goats, and goats that are suitable to being pets are Miniature or Nigerian Dwarf goats.Once you have chosen the type of goat you want to raise the next thing is to make sure you have enough land to build your goats some shelter and for them to graze. Goats like feeding on pasture so you should provide that for them in order for them to be healthy and produce quality products.The goat shelter can be a small shed or barn. The shelter will be their home where they will sleep and be sheltered from extensive heat. The shelter should be kept clean and draft-free. If the shelter is cleaned it will help in decreasing the spread of bacteria that causes diseases.Chickens:More and more people are starting to raise chickens in their farm yards. When starting out in raising chickens just like raising goats you have to choose your breed. Do you want to raise chickens for eggs or raise chickens for meat?Once you have made your decision on what type of chickens you want to raise the next step is to build a chicken coop. Some farmers even use chicken tractors and livestock barns, but neither way chickens need a place to call home. A chicken coop is where your chickens will sleep, lay their eggs and get protection from heat and predators.When the chickens arrive in your farm the first thing they will want to do is eat. So make sure you have chicken feed available for them. Chicken feed differs according to the age of the chicken. If you are going to buy chicks then growing mash is required and if you are going to buy laying chickens then laying mash is required.